Custom woven labels are a great finishing choice to enhance your brand. Woven clothing labels give a professional quality to any custom made apparel. If you’re a clothing line, including a custom woven label will help to establish your brand with your customers. Including a custom woven label can do the same for your brand. If you’ve dedicated the time, money, and effort into creating custom clothes finish them the right way, with woven fabric labels. Woven label orders typically take approximately 2.5 weeks to complete. If you need your order rushed, please let us know in advance.


• Straight Cut Woven Label- Straight cut clothing labels do not have a fold. Straight woven labels are usually sewn on all 4 sides, the top, or on left and right side only.
• End Fold Woven Label- These clothing labels are folded down on the left and right side. They are applied the same way as straight cut labels, but have a softer edge.
• Center Fold Woven Label- A center fold label is folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. Centerfold labels can also be used for sleeve and hem labels.

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