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25 Years of quality garments

One of the biggest grievances in the apparel industry is the issue of shrinkage — garments that fit perfectly at first wear but lose their shape after only a couple of uses, leading to dissatisfaction and waste. We've honed our process to conquer this challenge.

Our fabric undergoes a pre-laundering treatment before being cut and sewn, which then after we strictly avoid re-rolling. Our method involves flat-folding and handling the fabric with utmost care while it's still raw, ensuring it's spread out and allowed to relax to achieve the best results. After assembly, the garments are pre washed once more to remove any impurities that could affect the dyeing process and to release any tension introduced during sewing.

The outcome is a garment impeccably pre-treated to be shrink-resistant, guaranteeing the size and shape you buy is what you keep, even after dyeing.